trade Fair participation

foto enjoys showing its working methods to a wider audience. We attended the second edition of the
AMT Boot Camp. Using a new Volvo V40, our team explained how faults in a modern airbag system can be safely
and efficiently found. Naturally, we also showed how these faults can be resolved.

hot air Balloon promotion


Every year we hold a hot air balloon raffle amongst our regular customers. This year the lucky winner was Garage Zuurhout from Schalkwijk. This summer, they went on a wonderful balloon trip during the hot air balloon festival
in Grave. 
They eventually landed in Wyler, just over the German border.

Of course, we will send one of our customers airborne again next year! 



Jeroen Meeuwssen is not only a specialist at our company, he is also an outstanding goalkeeper for the Vianen
Vooruit veterans team. sponsors Jeroen and his team-mates, who are enjoying success in the local